The Lord has called our family into ministry on the streets.

We used to be servant evangelism leaders in a local church. While serving there, we didn't feel that we were doing all that we could to share the love of God with others. Something was missing.

It has become clear to us that the Lord wants us out in the real world, ministering to people on the streets of our city.

God has called us all to be His children; to acknowledge Him as our Heavenly Father to find salvation through Jesus Christ, and allow the Holy Spirit to dwell within us (Romans 8). When we first start out in our relationship with the Lord, regardless of our age, we are as children - innocent, inquisitive, and teachable.

Not only is CMK the initials of our first names, it also stands for Cars Ministering Kids.

The purpose of our street ministry is to sow a seed of faith in the non-believers and new believers through our Christian vinyl graphics and decals.

Our hometown of Tampa, Florida has a high population of homeless people. Everyday we encounter people walking the streets in need of food, clothing, and/or shelter. Some of the homeless have approached us, not to ask for anything, but to share with us that the decals on our vehicles have given them a simple reminder that the Lord is their source and strength (Psalm 9:9-10).

So just think...if we are touching lives in our city, how many lives across the nation could be touched just by others displaying these decals on their vehicles?

CMK isn't just a drive-by billboard ministry. Our family has a mission to reach out to our community by providing food, clothing, services, and support to those in need. We believe in paying it forward, not asking for anything in return.

Through our designs and our street ministry we are spreading the love of God and the truth of His Word across the nation.