CMK Customs is a Christian, family owned and operated business founded in 2010. 

In early 2010, we started a small auto body shop specializing in custom fiberglass modification. We decided to call our business CMK Customs because C, M, and K are the initials of our first names. Inadvertently, CMK also stands for Cars Ministering Kids. (You will see how this became our slogan by reading our Street Ministry page.)  After all of our paperwork had been submitted to the State, our business finally became official on our son's 5th birthday.

In 2013, we decided to expand our business by offering vinyl graphics and decals. As time went on, we started to focus on vinyl graphics and phased out auto body.

As we started out in the secular market, things just didn't feel "right." At that time, the Lord started to give us the desire to solely focus on designing custom Christian graphics. So with the Holy Spirit's guidance, ideas were put into our minds. The ideas became our designs. Our designs became vinyl graphics and decals. Things began to feel "right" and we found peace regarding our business. Everything started to fall into place and now we are excited to share our products with you!

All of our designs have been inspired by the Word of God. On each product page we reference Bible scriptures that give meaning behind each design.

It is our prayer that our designs will inspire all those who see them to seek the TRUTH and SALVATION through the Lord Jesus Christ.